Apr 2, 2006

Blah blah blah

Okay. So I finished the pink panta. I'll post pictures later. Now I have to start the pantas for the girls, I bought the sweetest buttons to go on them! So now I will get to make the buttoned pantas, completing two projects at once. Nice.

I freakin hate Wal-mart and will never go there again for my crafting needs!! They didn't have ANYTHING that I needed to start the Cleaves. Which is what Justin suggested I put on my needles just to keep me busy last night. Because I couldn't really get to the LYS, Linda was at a historical ren-enactment thing. Boo! Which, of course, means that I couldn't buy the yarn to start my kitty hat!!! ARG!!! I want to cast on for that soooo badly. I'm really excited about working with the bamboo yarn too. Even though I get the idea it's kind of a special yarn, it's the only yarn I can find in the colors I want.

If Justin gives Valerie a call I can start the pantas for the Triple A's. Really, I'm starting to get sick of pantas. I wanna make something bigger...or prettier. Or maybe just more difficult. Blahhh I have no idea what I'm even talking about. lol

Oh, but I did make myself some needles. They're not great but the beads on them are reallyyy prettyyyyy!! I'll post pics of those later too. Come Tuesday I'll get to the LYS and pick up what I need.

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