Jun 25, 2007

This Day

Keeps getting worse and worse.

It started last night actually. I found a bill for the water company, apparently a check was returned. We now owed them Bill + Fee. *sigh* Today is Monday, time to pay Heather's weekly tuition. Withdraw money...only $45 left after taking out said money. Which leaves me with a choice to either pay the tuition or the water bill. Mr. Shad says he'll take care of it, but he needs a pin number. Guess who gets to sift through stacks of unorganized papers to find it? Finally it is all straightened out. Get a phone call from MIL, she says my FIL is back in the hospital for pneumonia, in case I talk to Mr. Shad before she does. I breathe a little calmer and decide I will buy myself a P'zone to make up for the retardedness of the morning.

That was a bad idea. I call in the order while trying to dress boys and get them in the car. This is key. Pick Heather up, almost forget to pay tuition. It's humid and raining. Not my favorite combination. We drive to the Pizza Hut, make a few wrong turns, babies are crying. Get there, they are busy, sure why not. So when the man who "waits" on me is a little...short, I try not to mind it. Heather is plucking a bulletin off the wall and shaking the candy machine. I'm tired. He says he cannot find my order. Did I order from a different one? Did I? They are all in the phone book next to each other...if I don't pay attention because I am multi-tasking, well it's easy to mix things up. When I go to leave Heather throws a hugs fit, screaming for pizza. Now I am tired, hot, and embarrassed. Put the boys in the car and then throw her over my shoulder.

Back in the car. En route to turn around I can see fire trucks racing to a scene. There are huge grey clouds. The kind that you can not only see but taste from miles away. I won't be going back the way I came, that is for sure. Make mental note, and call 411 to get the number for the other Pizza Hut. My order is there, ready an hour ago. Of course I accidentally called the Pizza Hut furthest from my house. Get the P'zone, drive home in the rain on a road that I hate. Mr. Shad calls to tell me that, due to weather, they will not be home tomorrow. I am irate, and I vent. Loudly. Then I tell him to call his mom, he says he will and will call me back. Nearly home, things will be better there, right? Another call from Mr. Shad. FIL's heart rate or blood pressure or something dropped severly. They are going to insert a breathing tube. Now I am insensitive instead of irate. *deep breaths* We get home, the food is cold. I just want to sleep or curl up with a book.

So, I do. Put the kids to bed early, reheat the P'zone, grab a book and read. Then I fall asleep for awhile. I just woke myself up at around 10. A little groggy, but feelin a bit better. Then a third call from Mr. Shad. My FIL is in a coma. They went to put the breathing tube in and he went into cardiac arrest. Things have changed drastically. And all I can think is that I can't handle this. Not right now. Too much. We'll be in Maryland a lot sooner than I had thought.

The only even remotely good thing I can think to say is that I swatched today. For Coachella. And got gauge. Too bad the needles I need are being used.

I will try to update for you guys ASAP. *hugs*

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