Dec 11, 2008

Customer Service Report

Recently I started working, as I think I mentioned. My main job is working as a cashier in what is, let's face it, a gas station. It's on base, so they call it a "C-Store" (convenience store), but it's a gas station. Briefly I worked as a waitress in a poolhall, and that is also a customer service job. At any rate, I now notice things I didn't before about other cashiers and people in similar job positions. It's easy to notice when someone isn't doing their job very well, or has an attitude. But can I just say one thing, to all of you customers? Did you ever consider that our attitude is a reciprocation of yours? It's a very tough, thankless job. So let me give you a few pointers, some tips, just little things to remember the next time you're in line at the checkout at your local grocery store, Wal-Mart, Sears, or any line in any store. We are ALL people, with feelings, just trying to get through one more day. Without further ado, my list of things that aggravate me:

  1. TALKING ON THE PHONE! Folks please, put the phone down, ask your mother/sister/friend/boyfriend/cousin to HOLD ON. Aside from being rude this also breaks down communication and we cannot do our jobs well. You're talking to someone else, not to us, the person who is trying to assist you. We don't know what you are saying to whom. Just...don't do it.
  2. Reaching across the counter to grab your bag. We'll hand it to you, we promise. We know you're in a hurry. There is usually a reason that it's not been moved toward you. Also, you're coming into my personal space when you do this.
  3. Try to have your ID ready/easily accessible if you are buying something you know you'll be carded for or using a credit card. You will probably be asked for it, if not, oh well, at least now you don't have to fumble for it. (Part B of this...put your ID in the same place and stop cursing and looking through your purse/wallet for it as if you don't know why we asked you to show it.)
  4. Smile. We do this for you, despite having bad days. Well, some of us do. If you see a cashier smile, just return it. Everyone has a rough time, doesn't it feel better to smile than frown?
  5. Yes, you have to wait in line. It doesn't matter who you are, what you are buying, how many things you are buying or where you need to be in 10 minutes. Everyone else is waiting in line, common courtesy dictates that you wait too.

This last one is particularly aggravating when it comes to the gas. People assume they can just pay for their gas and leave, or just throw some money at me and I can prepay the pump. That's not how it works. Oh, and take your receipt if you prepay. Just in case you don't fill up your tank and there is money leftover. Also...we don't turn on the pump. Seriously. We can prepay, we can approve, but we don't turn it on. Sorry.

I think that's it for my rant right now. Clearly it hasn't been a marvelous day today. But I will be back tomorrow, smiling. Life is too short to be unkind to other human beings. Just remember that. Good day.

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