Jul 25, 2006

I Hate Hospitals

Okay, so most people do. But I just spent the last 48 hours in one, and most of that time I really didn't need to be there. *sigh*

Here is the story from the beginning:
At around 11:41pm on Saturday I had Justin start timing some uncomfortable contractions I was having. They were steady at 4 minutes apart, not really a good sign this early in the game. So we called up to the hospital and they said to come in. I figure, hey, we'll drop by there, they'll give me some meds to stop the contractions (they did that with Kyran) and we'll go home. Couple hours at the most. Right? Boy was I ever wrong!

After we got there they did all their fun little tests, asked their hundred questions, and poked me with needles. You know how the game goes. Well, the doctor came back after monitoring me and the baby for a bit, she said that although I was feeling contractions they weren't picking them up on the monitor. So...I'm hallucinating these things? Sure, why not. I think, okay so they're just gonna send me home. Few minutes later a nurse comes in and waits for me to say I feel like I'm having one of these contractions and feels my belly, she seems concerned and says thay it feels pretty tight. In other words, I am having contractions. Then, the doctor comes back and says their tests were kinda...inconclusive, but they think my amniotic fluid sac is ruptured and leaking. Which means two things, A)I'm at risk for infection, and B)the baby is coming. GREAT. Then she drops the second bit of bad news, they don't have a neonatal care unit that can care for a 32 week old infant. Meaning, they have to ship me out to Wilmington by ambulance. Yuck!

We called to let everyone know the details, I mean, hey they said he was on his way. Of course, we get to the next hospital and go through the song and dance all over again, only it's worse because I'm all drugged up at this time. Magnesium sulfate is not fun by the way. The doctor doesn't come see me for at least an hour, we just tried to sleep, it's like 6:30 in the morning by this time. After they do their tests, this hospital concludes that oh, there IS no rupture in the fluid. They're gonna take me off the Mag and see what happens, give me another steriod shot (oh yeah, totally forgot about that before they shipped me off), yadda yadda. I get transferred to a section they call "Ladies in Waiting", how cute. The steroid shots are to help produce a chemical or something in the lungs for the baby, so he could have an easier time breathing should he actually decide to show up, our nice little intern told me all of this. lol But let me tell you those things HURT! It's like an enormous cramp or something. Of course, my contractions have totally stopped by the time they can get around to giving me this shot again (around 3:30 Monday morning). There are some final tests, just to make sure that the little guy isn't gonna put me right back in the hospital four days later or something, and I'm good to go!!

Long story short, I'm okay, the baby is okay and staying put(for at least two more weeks), and we're all a bit tired. lol I was lucky enough not to be put on bed rest. Though that would have given me more than enough time to knit, it wasn't something I was interested in. Being stuck in my bed and unable to go to the store, or pick up my babies, or hanging out with friends...yeah that's not fun.

I did get quite a bit of work done on that scarf, and some on the baby socks I started for Kyran. I kept feeling guilty because people would ask "Oh so did you make something for this baby?" Uhhh not yet. In all fairness, he's not due for another 8 weeks! Well, 7 as of tomorrow. Anyway, I guess I'll have to start moving on that top for my mom so I can get those booties started. lol Obviously, Nolan is not wanting to wait to get his life started.

Oh, and Jamie's Jaywalkers do fit!! She loves them!! This made me really happy to hear while I'm sitting in the hospital feeling all sorts of like crap. Small victories turn the world.

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