Mar 6, 2007

Things I've Forgotten

Maryland 1Man, this head cold has seriously messed with my memory. First, I sign up for a LINKS class (military thing) and send them the specs on the kids (free daycare!!)...and totally forgot that Heather would be in daycare. So then I had to email my KV (more military stuff) back and let her know that Heather wouldn't be there.

Then, I forget that I gave Kyran cookies and he likes to take a bite out of each one and then "lose" them. Well, Nolan discovered them. So, right about the time I was supposed to go pick up Heather I find a smiling little face covered in yucky brown cookie mess. Call the daycare and tell them I'll be late, give baby quick bath.

Yesterday, when I blogged I forgot to mention the trip to Parriss Island. Which didn't happen. Yep, that's right, I'm a horrible friend after all. lol Here is the Maryland 3rundown, the ceremony was going to be at 10 am...subtract 6 hours for the drive, plus an extra hour for traffic getting on base...10-7=3. That's right, we had to leave at 3. So, hubby wakes me up at 2:30, now mind you that he got home around 10 and has not been to sleep. Yea, that's really exciting. I had only been asleep since midnight. Not much better. Upon waking I hear wind and rain battering my siding. Great, now we have to drive in the rain. I'm an uneasy traveller and the whole time he is gone picking up the babysitter I am giving myself a mental pep talk. When he does get back to the house I say (without thinking) "Can I just tell you how much insanity this is?" to which he replies, "Yeah, I know. Let me check the weather". He does and realizes the weather isn't going to let up until 10. We canc (more military jargon, short for cancel) the whole trip. Our bags are out in the car, he's hopped up on energy drinks. I go to sleep. We called the next day. *sigh*

Most importantly, well to those of you looking for knitting content, when I had my Maryland 2camera out yesterday, doing my thing, I forgot to take pictures of a new addition! I love to try out new yarns. This came highly recommended by Beth, so imagine my surprise when perusing the shops that gave SAM3 discounts, to stumble upon a store that sold it. It's called J.Knits yarn, and although I'm not actually sure how she chooses the name/color combo, she names them after states and cities. That's right, you guessed it, I bought Maryland. I wonder if I can get into contact with her and ask why green and pink? Oh well, it's perfect for ProjSpec and I have BIG plans for this yarn. Or maybe I don't. Maybe I'll just use a pattern from Knitting Vintage Socks?

Well, that's it for now. Give me any suggestions you have! Oh, and the shoes have already been claimed. :)

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