Mar 11, 2008

The Routine

Sorry guys, didn't mean to disappear...again. I got sick. Really sick. An upper respiratory infection. Luckily, my mom was already here for a visit. She helped me out BIG with my kids.


Sometimes, I write these posts up in my head beforehand. I know exactly what I want to type. The words just flow, and the post is good. Lately things have been crazy, and so have the posts. I can't channel my inner writer, she's on vacation or something. Maybe she had to quit to make room for all of the new things I have to remember. Where did I put that stack of bills? Is it trash day? What time does the gym open? WHEN IS MY HUSBAND COMING HOME?! UGH! I know you are all tired of hearing how much I miss him, I'm tired of saying it. We still have five weeks (give or take, there is no set date yet), and I am so over this whole thing. I hate playing single mom. Having my mother here to help me out was wonderful, and it made me realize just how much I actually do. How often I am just going and going. Even blogging has begun to become just part of "the routine".

I like routine, I'm a very habitual person. However, we all need a break from our routines, actually, that is part of the reason I married Mr. Shad. He's spontaneous, and fun. Folks, I am not a lot of fun. It seems like it, but I would probably not go out and do most of those things if I didn't have friends who invited me out. I would (and do) sit on my couch and knit. Mr. Shad has brought me out of myself over the past few years (as have you all). Not having him around is like putting your shoe on the wrong foot, it feels awkward and you know it's just not right. You take all of the little things of relationships/marriages for granted when it's in constant supply. Things like, you cook, he does dishes, having someone to snore sleep next to in bed, not driving everywhere yourself, having someone to talk to when you wander around a store, showing your knitting accomplishments to him. Even if he doesn't care, he pretends to. Ladies (and gentlemen), do you fully understand what that means? It means that, while he's not interested in the least that your gussets don't have huge gaping holes, he loves you sewing 001enough to look at it. He will listen to you babble and he will smile in all of the appropriate places. When you're done he'll give you a hug or pat on the back...and congratulate you. Which is all you really wanted, you know it. Oh, we do not give them credit where it is due most days. Most of us have men who bravely sit and listen while we complain about how our gauge is off, who have secretly been storing tidbits of information so that they can try to understand and actually participate from time to time. They do it because they love us. That's all. And I really would just like to go back to having mine play video games on the couch while I knit.

I have a whole other speech about how wonderful mothers are too. But I think that will wait for sewing 005another time now. Lately I've been sewing more than knitting, though the body and one sleeve of Somewhat Cowl are finished. No pictures of that, how awkward looking would that be? Anyways, awhile back I bought a vintage pattern, I mean, a real vintage pattern. Not a reproduction. You know me though, I can't just follow the pattern. Gotta make little adjustments, tweak it here and there. So far, I have decided that the dress should be a halter top (it's the red one on the right), then I realized I'd need bust darts to make up for the fact that mine is well, smallish and there was lots of extra fabric, THEN the back needed to be taken in. My latest idea is that the fabric I'm using is too thin, it really should be lined. lol Now I need to plan modifications which will allow me to create a lined bodice the way I'd like. Some day, I might just follow a pattern exactly as it was written.... Oh yeah, the above picture is my fabric, I didn't really know where to put it. It's purple and brown. Admittedly, I should have chosen a lighter shade of brown, maybe a fawn, but I like chocolate brown.

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