Aug 17, 2007


Cutie Bootie 1

Hey, it was either that or Ms. New Bootie. I figured the latter might induce your gag reflex.

Cutie Bootie 4

So, Eiffel is about an inch away from the sleeve join, and Baccarat Player only needs to be seamed. Both of these would be further along if not for some small distractions. About...3 inches to be exact.

Bootie-licious 2

Is it just me, or are these things RIDICULOUSLY cute? I kept seeing them over on Hello Yarn's blog. So, I found the pattern on Ravelry, and CO. How long can it take to knit a pair of booties anyways? Um, about 6 hours total. Including the finishing Bootie bottomand sewing on buttons. After I made the first pair, I realized that...I didn't have anyone to give them to!!! No problem, I took them to the LYS with me and found someone. Unfortunately, Mr. Shad was paying attention when I mentioned wanting to give them to someone, and asked around at work. His Gunny gladly accepted the offer. Which meant, I had one pair of booties, and two takers. lol That's okay, I just whipped up another pair! Then, I saw that Hello Yarn had knit a pair in the round...hey I can do that. Right? Yep, so I bought some sport weight cotton (aiming for a slightly larger bootie) and using a Turkish CO, started a third pair. Being the genius that I am, I purled all of the stitches (except the first) to create a garter ridge on the bottom. More closely matching the original design. Not sure if it is worth all of the hassle though. Besides I just got the Vogue Knitting Quick Reference. A great technique book with pictures and illustrations.

Um...So yeah. Here are the pictures of Eiffel and the Baccarat Player. Enjoy! I am going to finish that other baby bootie. Then work on Eiffel some more. Oh yeah, sorry about the cruddy pics, it's overcast, and on top of that Mr. Shad has absconded with the camera again.

Picture 8 almost there

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