Jun 28, 2008

Talking to Myself

DSC05621I know, I haven't been around. Most of you probably assume I fell off the face of the earth. Or just decided to stop blogging. Which isn't (really) true. I've been on Ravelry. Really, I just haven't been in the mood to knit much lately. The only thing I've been working on is the Nermal socks. Which I love, but still...not motivated. It's really just more something to pass the time until I find another book to read. I did buy some yarn. If you come here for the yarn/knitty type stuff, this is pretty much the end of it. Well, no, that's kind of a lie. There is one more thing that's sort of related to the knitting stuff. Plenty of people have already seen and know what I'm talking about. HP yarn 001Still, for those of you who don't you'll see in just a second. Really, it's probably already visible so why am I still talking? Yep, I got another tattoo! It's beautiful. Or I think it is. My artist did a wonderful job on it too. He wanted to shade it so I didn't walk around looking half finished, you know? Which I think is great. The only problem is it sort of looks done already. And I'm tempted to keep it grayscale. Though I'd really love to add some color. Of the 5 tattoos I have now, only one has any color.

The tattoo has gotten a lot of love so far. Honestly, I expect people to forget me. Don't ask why, it's just the way I think. But I had one of the other artists approach tat 035me in the mall to see how the tattoo looked. Maybe I'm not as forgettable as I thought? My artist, Nik at Bombs Away for those interested, will probably have a hard time forgetting me. When I think he does, I just mention the knitting. hehe No, actually, we finally got to hang out with him and his girl in a non-work environment this past week. It was a lot of fun to get out of the house. Sometimes I forget that I'm 23, not 32. Anyways, we got to see Rancid live! Even though we had to leave early, it was AWESOME! I only got to see Tim Armstrong's hat really, but it was a nice hat. Getting to be a little free, and wild was a blast. Plus, we got to chill with some really awesome people.

In other news, Heather has graduated from preschool! Do you believe it? Of course you do. haha Still, I look at her, and I remember thinking she was soooo tiny. Now she is growing and I can't stop her. She is so much like me in so many ways. I know it's just a matter of time before I turn around and she's graduating high school. *sigh* Ugh. I have so much more that I need to squeeze in here. Pictures, stories. Wow. I really ought to update more. So here is a quick run-down of the rest of the stuff along with another one of those nice little picture mosaics.

  • Kyran got stuck in a chair.
  • Mr. Shad added a Mr. to his Shad tat :)
  • As well as getting an MJ tattoo
  • I've been spinning...a little
  • Got some more pasties in but they were promptly broken
  • Heard from an ex, which is awkward
  • Mr. Shad is in MD for the weekend picking up his dad's motorcycle

I've really gotta update more often

A little note on that last bit. I don't know if he realizes it. Maybe he does...probably he doesn't though. He's not really as aware as I am. Anyways...the 26th was the one year anniversary of his father's passing. On Father's Day, my husband called my father. It made me want to cry for him. Mr. Shad isn't very emotional, but doesn't he still have to be hurting a little? I'm sort of wondering if this trip is more symbolic than it seems. Or maybe it's coincidence and I am (as usual) reading more into it.

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Jun 5, 2008

Checking In

Savannah Mosaic

A few of you have sent me emails. Which is awesome because it means you care that I haven't posted in like a month. But it also clearly outlines the fact that I have neglected my bloggerly duties. Sorry folks! Between returning hubby and busy babies I have forgotten to let you all in on what's happening!

Mostly there will just be pictures, but I'll type a bit too. We went to Savannah on My creationvacation for a week. It was really lovely. We were actually on Tybee Island, but that's alright. There was a little beach, and a pond full of turtles! They were funny little critters. My brother was even there for a few days! Unusual for him with his "busy" life!

In knitting type news, I started the Icarus shawl with some really lovely purpley-blue lace. Oh and you all missed the BKG Pastie Swap over on Rav! That was loads of fun! Actually, it still is fun. Pasties are a hoot! Quick and effective. Besides, I learned how to twirl the tassels! How great is that? lol There will be some pastie patterns going up soon. Both on here and on Ravelry. Unfortunately I'm kind of stalled out on everything else. I've got a Fidget on the needles for a gift. Icarus and Somewhat Cowl are both kind of on hold. With the SCowl's history, I'm kinda pastie fun 010loathe to knit it in 90+ degree weather. As for Icarus...I found a stupid mistake about 12 rows down! So I am trying to gather the strength to not only rip back (ha, it's below the lifeline, go figure) but also to try to determine what row of the pattern it's on.

Tomorrow I have a tattoo appointment that I am VERY excited about!! It will be a knitting related tat. :) The only problem is I'm going to get it on my arm so I probably won't be able to knit while getting it. And it will probably be my largest one to date. So I'm going to get kinda bored I think. We'll see.

That picture links to more racy ones ;) These are the pasties I received from one of my partners. They are done with Knitpicks Shine Worsted and it is ohhhh so soft!

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