Jan 10, 2011

Pluggin' Away

0103111522-00The room is chilly, and I wrap up in my snuggly cow-patterned blanket while the fire crackles. I wish I could finish that beautiful image off with a light dusting of snow...unfortunately we are snowed in here in Georgia. It's only about 4-5 inches, but they aren't really prepared for this weather here. The roads are iced over, making the situation worse. Travel is fairly dangerous right now. However, I did use this snow day to my advantage. All of my laundry has been washed, folded, and put away. My room has been tidied and vacuumed. These tasks are so quick to type, but definitely take much more time to perform. Since Georgia has all of 8 sand trucks to cover all of the Atlanta area, we'll be here tomorrow too. I've already got tomorrow's to-do list written up in my head. To Do: Bake bread (we're all out!), clean the bathroom, wash and fold towels, finish a small layette set for Ty's new nephew, and whatever else I can squeeze in.

0110112028-00Recently I've been on a big knitting kick. Though I'm trying to keep my WIPs to two knitting and one crochet at any given time. Kinda botched that with the layette set. But how long can a baby hat and some booties take me? The best part is that I've been using only stash yarn. :) Sweet! I did not take a stashbusting oath or resolution, that would be silly. I try to only make resolutions that I intend to keep. My stash doesn't really bother me. It may bother my family though. The hat is made of some Peaches n' Cream and Knit Picks...either Telemark or Merino Style. Also plan on making these adorably quick booties with the Peaches n' Cream.

What else am I knitting so that my 2-at-a-time rule has been broken, you ask?0104111410-00.jpg Well, Kyrannosaurus is still in progress. It's kinda stumped me, so I am hoping a bit of distraction will get my gears turning. Also, on the needles is Pogona. Have you seen this wrap? Or any of Stephen West's designs? This isn't the first time I've sung his praises, the man is a knitwear genius. I'm in love with the pattern and the yarn. There will definitely be another of these in my future. One thing at a time though. My queue keeps growing, and growing, and growing! No matter what I try to whittle it down, there are just so many gorgeous patterns available. Oh, and the first FO of the new year! My hobo wrap! Wasn't sure I wanted to share this with everyone. It's really not quite as nice as I would have liked. And also done with scraps. That would be the first picture you see up there.

Jan 2, 2011

...and a Happy New Year

When we are small, it seems like everything takes eternity. Then, as we grow, time seems to gain speed like a ball rolling down a hill. This is all just perception...but it still feels that way, doesn't it? Even though most knit-bloggers have all but abandoned their blogs, I like to keep records. It helps me recall all sorts of small and large events in my life. It's been fun. There have been a few suggestions that I overhaul the blog and turn it into a makeup/fashion type blog. Maybe I will. For now this is still a knitting blog.

Christmas knitting

I did a bunch of last minute Christmas knitting. Apple cozies for the kids' teachers, a cute little cloche/beanie for Beau's niece, a lump of coal for Nolan, a "Kyrannosaurus Rex" for Kyran, and I believe you saw the crocheted necklaces in the last post. The patterns for the cloche and the Kyrannosaurus are both my own. There were several patterns I saw that were similar to what I wanted, but not exactly the way I wanted to accomplish them. I also knit a CashSilk Fern Scarf from that Drift handspun. It came out a bit short, but if I put some buttons on it it should be perfect.

In non-knitting life, we are slowly transitioning the kids back to their father. Mr. Shad that was is now stationed in Florida and is ready to welcome the kids home. IMG_9718It's sad for all of us, but really what is best for them. There are too many people crammed into this small house at the moment. Soon though, I will be on my feet and then they can come live with me again. Florida puts them an hour closer to me too. While the two oldest went back with daddy after Christmas, Nolan will be here for another month. We are trying to get a handle on some of the social issues he has been having, trying to asses if he maybe has ADHD. Yes, he is four. Yes, that is young. You'd have to meet Nolan to understand. Whatever is going on, we would like to know what to do to help him. He has already been suspended from preschool twice. Nolan isn't a bad kid, he is just having a hard time. Honestly, I'm enjoying the one on one time with him. And I think Beau is too. They bonded instantly, and it's easy for my formerly single, carefree boyfriend to deal with just one crazy kid as opposed to three. He has done really well overall, and I am grateful to have his help.

The best Christmas present we got this year...snow!! I was so happy to see it. While IMG_9643it was a bit late to play in it on Christmas day, we went out the next day and goofed off. Beau was pleased to have targets for snowballs, and Nolan talked him into making a snowman. It was so much fun, even if the boys were both a little sick. Poor Nolan got a snowball down the shirt though, and it was all over. For some reason I got Beau the new WoW expansion...silly me. Now I'm a WoW widow twice over, lol. He's been sweet as sugar since he got it though. Making me beignets and plenty of quality time. New Year's Eve was uneventful. We watched a movie, I fell asleep before midnight I think. That holiday was never really a big deal to me. It offers hope for change and happiness, but I am already very happy. Life is good. The only resolution I have is to get rid of all of my UFOs (isn't it always?) and destash. Cheers friends, I hope this post finds you in similar spirits.

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