Apr 30, 2007


I love you all. Really I do, but the Lady requires much more attention than I could have surmised. So, in lieu of posting, I give you pictures.

twobobbins2 twobobbins thelonious Hukilau

Okay, that last one wasn't from this weekend, but you'll live. Yep, that's Mr. Shad looking like an idiot. :D

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Apr 28, 2007

Lose Yourself

PRGE SpinningWell, since Lady A's debut I have spent all of my free time putting her to use. She squeaks and moan, but works wonderfully. I love her sooo much. Of course, I rarely knit or blog now! Also, since my best friend was here I was being a good girl and paying attention to her. Oh, I've got the picture of that skein that I navajo plied for you all. Even though it's not a great pic because of my stupid webcam. It is one of the best looking skeins I've made, I mean, the actual skein looks nice they way it was wound up. Another note, it's actually 52yds. I think I said 26 in the last post, but I lied. Well, really I just forgot that I used my large niddy noddy, which is 2yds for every once around.

Navajo Try

I...am dumb. You get what you pay for. Linda (LYS owner) tells me so all of 12 dollar haircut 4the time. Still, she recommended this salon! Yes, I only paid $12 for it...but still, a haircut should not make one look so silly. Everyone says "Oh, it's so cute!" Um, I'm 22, not 12, cute was NOT what I was aiming for. Pretty, beautiful, even sexy, but not "cute". *sigh* Oh well. I'm off to have dinner with my family and a few friends.

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Apr 26, 2007

Socks, Yarn, and Baseball

Sunne winsOnly four of you seemed to know who that was on the card. Which made drawing names kind of awkward, but really I didn't expect even that many to know! The winner was Sunne, you all might think I am partial, but if I had actually just chosen someone it would have been Beth. She is the Baseball Knitter. For your prize, I will dye a skein of yarn (it can be any weight) in the baseball team colors of your choosing. :D My hubby is a huge Red Sox fan, just so you all know, I had my best friend (did I mention that she was here visiting?) draw the names out of Kyran's Red Sox hat. Did you want to know who was on the card? I thought some of you might guess it, on a whim. Since it was, after all, the baby's namesake. Yep, it was none other than Nolan Ryan!

Today I tried Navajo plying, not sure if I did it right. But I felt like I really Flyerneeded to get that yarn off the bobbins and get started on something else. Wish I'd taken a picture of it before I washed it and hung it to dry. What I did get a pic of was the yarn that Sunne (who is my PRGE pal in case you missed that post) sent to me! Thanks! She has been amazing, she sent me an email while I was having that bad horrible weekend to let me know she had picked up some Koigu for me from this huge sale. It's very pretty purple-y, I think it says colorway 0805? My horrible web-cam picture doesn't do it justice.

So, I was fixing myself some pop-tarts and got a phone call. The caller ID had the LYS's phone number on it. Debbie was calling me to ask for some help. Apparently Koigu Miracle 2there was a woman in there who was knitting a sock toe-up and had reached the point to turn the heel. However, Debbie had forgotten how to do a short-row heel!! Since my best friend is here visiting and Mr. Shad had a late flight, I decided to go over and help. See, I'm just not good at telling someone how to do something, I have to show them. I ended up staying for the whole heel (she was using Cascade Fixation and only had 48 total stitches), and I am fairly confident that she knew what she was doing by the time I left. Not sure she could do it on her own the next time. She was REALLY excited and offered to pay me. Now, the thing is that I had gone A) to help my friend and B) because it is something I really enjoy doing. I love to knit, I love the help/teach other people, I love socks, and it's something I'm generally good at. I didn't feel right accepting money, she insisted so I suggested that she buy me some yarn. Really, that made me feel much better. What I ended up choosing was Classic Elite Miracle in color 3332.

Alright, now I'm off to pick up Heather and hang out with my friend who is convinced I'm writing an essay. And this is one of my smaller posts!

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Apr 23, 2007

You Spin Me Right Round

Baby, right round!

Who pooed

Thanks everyone for all of the love! I'm feeling much better today. There will be no talk of the weekend, as I've decided it's in the past. I've moved on and so will my blog post. This post has a lot of info too! So pay attention. :) The goal was to saturate it with lots of happy, exciting pictures. I think I can do that.Wheel action

First things first, my post title is not only a great song, but one I've been saving for the introduction of my wheel! She is (mostly) finished! Only a few things still need attaching, and the Mother-of-All is drying. I wanted to put the finish on it while it was on the wheel so that it didn't stick to the plastic. Let me introduce you, formally, to The Lady Amalthea (henceforth to be referred to as Lady A or just Amalthea). What do you all think of her? Kyran thinks she is just fantastic, of course, he also thought the rubber mallet I used on some of the more stubborn bits was fantastic.... lol

Mail Call

Next up, we have a mail call! Three packages today! Isn't that just wonderful? Now, in the spirit of spreading joy, and just plain fun, I'm having a blog contest. Contest closes at midnight Card Game(EST) on Wednesday. Email me with the answers by that time. The question was inspired by the objects I used to hide personal information. No, it has nothing to do with Spider-man. Thought you had that one, huh? Can you tell me who is on that baseball card? Need a better look? Click on either picture for a (slightly) closer view. Packages were from (in the order I opened them) The Loopy Ewe, MeanBean, and Sunne. Sunne's package had something in it that is for my PRGE pal, so I can't really show you what was in it. Besides, the webcam wasn't having any part in taking pictures of something so small. *sigh* I definitely need a new cam. Something compact and all my own.

CTH Northern Lights

The package from The Loopy Ewe contained the Cherry Tree Hill yarn I ordered. I was CTH Northern Lights 3kind of...gun-shy about ordering it. Some of my blogging buddies had had bad experiences. But everyone seemed so in love with it, so I had to give it a try. It's funny, I still have not tried Lorna's Laces. I'm not really all that impressed with it. It's strange though, how some yarns seem to be right for certain patterns. Others are just pretty, and don't tell you anything specific. Like all of those yarns I was having trouble with, most of which I've had for awhile. Then today I get the CTH (Northern Lights) in the mail and immediately know that it was meant to be Anastasia.

My next package was some socks from the MeanBean, ! We participated in a sock swap. Jiminey SnicketRemember the Hederas and my last blog contest? She may have taken awhile to knit these, but it was worth the wait. They are gorgeous! The funny thing? The right sock will fit both feet, but the left sock will fit only the left foot. Isn't that funny? I was worried at first because I put the peculiar sock on first, and was panicked that the socks did not fit! Then I switched the foot it was on and things were fine. lol The cuff is FANTASTIC, not sure how she did it but it's super cute. For the life of me I can't figure out how she did the toe. What kind of toe is that? Can you see Kyran's face? It made me laugh SO hard that I almost couldn't take the picture. How perfect. You would think he'd just unwrapped candy. I mean, I think they are great but he's two, normally socks don't excite a two year old.

Actually, one thing from this weekend. On Saturday night, maybe it was whatever I Drop it like it's hothad, or the stress of the weekend, but I really wanted to spin. So I grabbed up my drop spindle and the bit of purple merino that Sunne sent to me in my last PRGE package. It's not enough to make anything with, but more than enough to sate the spinning bug. I took the sample and separated it into thirds and then each of those into half. Then, to help control the even-ness of the yarn, I predrafted each piece nice and thin. Really, it helped.

P.S. Could I have possibly used more labels for this?

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Apr 21, 2007

Weekend From Hell

I am just posting really quick. Some crazy sickness attacked me last night, and I've barely moved off the couch to do anything more than feed children. Not that they have done anything to help me out. *sigh*

Justin called a few hours ago to let me know about the Blue Angel crash, I think they are coming home. He sounded so sad, but I couldn't think of what to say. I was in this slightly medicated haze, with crazy children running all over.... It makes me feel bad that I couldn't comfort him and that I acted very coldly when he told me. Boo. Back to the couch.

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Apr 19, 2007

Let's Breathe

Yesterday I tried my hardest to maintain the calm. I didn't yell at Kyran for goingGoodies outside when I told him not to. When the laptop's power cord slid out and I had to reboot and find where I was...I didn't get upset. Even though Kyran wouldn't take a nap, I told myself that he'd go to bed early. Heather spilled milk all over the kitchen counter, floor, and me. Still, I didn't get angry at her, I calmly asked her to wait in her room while I cleaned up the mess. I almost lost my cool when I asked Mr. Shad (at 7:30pm) to pick up a couple things from the grocery store on his way home, and he said no. Not only did he say no, but he asked if he could just come home and I could go. Despite the fact that I had gone the night before and could not start dinner until he picked these things up.

I'm not the greatest mother or wife. But I do my best. I am an emotional person, it happens. Still, I never really go overboard and I apologize for being irrational when I am. So I cleaned up the house and waited for him. At 9 o'clock I went to the PRGE package dosgrocery store and McDonald's. Cooking pork chops, peas, and mac&cheese seemed a bit silly now. On the way, my Ipod broke, but I was okay. Mr. Shad would fix it. So, I pick up what I need, grab the food, and go home. It's then that I realize that my order had been screwed up. Normally I'd have gone home and dealt with it. The number of little things that had happened seemed to weigh on me though, so I came home crying. And I refused to tell Mr. Shad why, because I knew that if I just mentioned the burgers from McD's he would not be helpful. Instead he was very understanding, and went back to get the order right. He knows that I am already beginning to deal with the fact that he will be deploying in September, and that he will not be here this weekend.

Today I got my second PRGE package! It's a much better day today! I feel good.Inside Package dos First, I'll let you all in on the secret of who my pal is! None other than the hostess herself, Sunne. Thanks Sunne, you've been fantastic so far, and the whole exchange has been running smoothly it seems. Ky was very excited about this whole thing, he was dancing around the table singing "whatcha got, watcha got, watcha got?!" What a haul! Handpainted Tussah Silk, a smidgen of purple merino, DPNs from size 1US - 6US, a needlecase, handmade soap, scissors, a catnip toy, a cute necklace and a little metal heart. The little metal heart made me think of this worry stone my mother used to have. Forgive the crappy pictures, as you remember, my camera died. *sniffle* I think I have a set of each of the DPNs, well except for the 4s and 5s, but you all know how rough I am on those! lol They will definitely come in handy.

PRGE Needlecase PRGE Needles PRGE Soap & Roving

Also, I forgot, I think, to share this package with you. It came in the mail almost Tundraright after I got back. Fantastic. It was an order on Etsy from Traveling Rhinos. I think the roving was like five bucks. Who can pass that up?? Also grabbed a pocky button, man do I love that stuff. It's a priority one! The stuff on the top also came in this package. She was making up for sending it a bit late since they were traveling. Which was actually fine because I was gone. So it arrived as a bit of a surprise!

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Apr 18, 2007

Substantially Less Photos

But twice as much fun! This installment not only includes my night with the famed BobaKnit girls, but also a contest winner! Me! lol I don't win things really, not by chance anyways, occasionally by skill. Didn't even win Bingo as a kid in elementary school. Yesterday I commented on Mouse's blog, because I would have even had there not been a contest. Imagine my surprise today seeing my name! Isn't it amazing what a small slip of paper can do for one's mood?

Big Basin WayLately I've been adjusting to being home again and have not knit much. Haven't even been in the mood to blog! I skipped an entire day of blog reading and feel awful because I feel like I missed some important things happening in my fellow bloggers' lives. *hugs* to Pins&Needles (go read the blog entry). And to Roxtarchic, because it sure sucks being in the country. ;) Alright, on to my adventures in California!

So, Thursday, after all of the shopping we did, we returned to the hotel. We sat at the bar with Matthew (who by now was a friend), even though it was closed. He fixed us a great drink, we talked about boys being boys, and I tried contacting Kristi. Cingular was having some technical difficulties that day, and we both apparently have Cingular. lol After using Matthew's phone, I finally contacted her and got the time for BobaKnit. Mr. Shad and I drove to Mountain View, and ended up being like a half an hour (or more) early. We ate a bit, chatted a bit, and then made a short walk up the street. HeBobaPimp dropped me off, I think he was scared a little. hehe I settled into a seat somewhere in the middle of this huge group of knitters, it was so awesome. Words cannot describe how much fun we all had! Seems like I had a lot in common with many people there. Lots of pictures were taken, but this is the only one that turned out. Clockwise from left to right, are Jeni, Hannah, Kristi, and Tina. Hannah was hilarious! These are some great ladies, I hope that if any of them was ever (for any reason) over here that they'd give me a call. Or an email. I'll have to update later when I have even more links to give you. FiberFiend (creator of the thumbhole mitten pattern) was there, but I didn't have a chance to meet her. We were at opposite ends of several tables. Oh well. Aside from Jeni, Hannah, and Tina...I also met Jasmine, Rachel, Katie, Lisa and Anabel. Now, I want you all to know if I spell your name wrong I apologize, just leave me a comment chastising me gently and providing the correct spelling.

Alright, this post is already long and I haven't made it to Friday yet. Friday we went to the Winchester Mansion, I haven't put the pictures on Flickr yet. It was great, except when Mr. Shad thought it'd be funny to scare me. Um, we went to San Francisco and Pier 39. It wasn't that great. There were some fun little shops, but it was freezing cold. And...a city is a city in my opinion. We (meaning Mr. Shad) got to stop and help out at a car accident. He's had all sorts of fun training and always feels obligated to help. I was not going to get out, the traffic was on my side of the car. It's all for the best anyway, you don't need too many people or gets confusing. Then, we went to a bar with Matthew. It was the greatest, I have no gaydar. It didn't dawn on me that he might have been gay. Oh well, everyone there was fabulous and we had sooo much fun! After it closed we went back to the hotel and ended up chatting with another couple and Matthew until like 3am. So much FUN! Our picture with Matthew, which turned out pretty well, is stuck on my broken camera. *sigh* Well, that's really all I got, summed up and in a nutshell.

I'm off to eat. Wait, can I mention something totally awesome? Of course, it's my blog. The Blue Sky Organic Cotton I bought was for a baby sweater. I only bought two balls originally, and later realized it was not enough. When I bought it I figured I'd just purposely stripe it, you know treat the two colors as if they were not the same? Yesterday, when I pulled out the two I bought from Stitch DC, the lots are all the same! Can you believe it? Gotta love organic cotton. :)

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Apr 16, 2007

Return of the Prodigal Knitter

This is a longish post, if you want a summed up version, my buddy Joel supplied one for you:
I knitted and stuff and then i talked to the most wonderful guy who ever lived on yahoo IM and i can't wait to meet him in person so i can ravish his body if he wants me to or not

Just kidding. :P

Okay, so I was here yesterday. Mostly I was just...unwinding. The trip was fantastic. Too bad I have no pictures from it though. Well, I had a few on the digital camera, but it apparently no longer works! *sniffle* Kristi is supposed to send me some pictures that we took with her camera. Awesome. I'll post those then.

The Moorpark

When we got there we took a nap, then went to Japantown in San Jose soMmm Ravioli Justin could get some sushi. Then jet lag took us back to the hotel and bed. Wednesday we went to the Flea Market, the Great Mall and then to Saratoga. We meant to go to Hakone Gardens but got there a bit late. Instead we ate dinner at this cute little Italian deli, it had the best hondmade ravioli. There was also this Irish pub called The Bank, but I wasn't impressed. Then again, it was only like...6 o'clock.

Thursday it was back to Saratoga to stroll around and look through the shops, and to Hakone Gardens. We went back to Lupretta's for lunch, Yummy Saratogaand on our way to Saratoga Chocolates (a gourmet chocolate shop that was gorgeous), what did I stumble upon?! A knitting shop! Mr. Shad was bemused to say the least. He actually was very obliging and sat in the shop the whole time I shopped. And allowed me to spend a slightly ridiculous amount of money. The pictures of my purchases are on my poor dead camera's memory card. If I can I'll see if I can find a way to retrieve the pictures. Anyways, the store was beautiful. Full of high end yarns, at least, in my opinion. There were some affordable yarns too. It didn't matter, it was yarn.knitting arts I tried to hold myself back from the Tilli Thomas and Artyarns. What I could not restrain myself from was the Koigu, I've been wanting to try some out, so I picked up some KPPPM color #1520. It's a bright green. Yum. Now, what to do with it? I'm thinking one of Cookie's patterns...like Flicker or *gulp* the Twisted Flowers sock. Also jumping into my basket were a few balls of RYC Bamboo Soft, Rowan Tapestry, and a ball of Blue Sky Organic Cotton. I also snagged Knitting Without Tears. :) It was very exciting.

Knitting Arts Mosiac

Well...actually Mr. Shad just brought me the pictures. So now I'm going to put up some of those. We'll save Thursday night and Friday for tomorrow's post. I'm not really knitting right now anyways. Just trying to get into the swing of things.

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Apr 10, 2007

Last Call

My flight leaves in exactly 5 hours and 58 minutes. So, I'm not going to bore you with a lot of words. Here is the last few days in pictures.

Picture Weekend

Check the bug out on the cover of the Loopy Ewe Q2 Challenge photo gallery! I actually almost cried when I saw that (okay, so it's the only picture up so far), I felt so happy. Of course...I am tired.

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Apr 4, 2007

I Need Another Project Like a Hole in my Mitten

thumby mitts 1Apparently I like word play. :D

Thelonious needs a mate, there are booties needing knitting (one actually OTN), that sweater for my LYS owner is looking lonely in a corner, my grey raglan is in a bag waiting my return, the Martha socks are still in my purse, as is the second foot thong. I really don't need another WIP, not even a small, simple, quick one.

I couldn't help myself though. Today was boredom and stress and I just...wanted something easy to pass the time. Plus these are so freakin cute! Who can pass them up?? The pattern is really simple, though the language is a bit befuddling. There are also no other sizes offered. My plan is to make a second, slight larger pair for Kyran, we'll see how that goes. If it turns out well, I plan on embroidering "Suck This" onto the mittens, a la Knucks from Knitty. As always, click a pic to see a larger version.

thumby mitts 2 Thumby Mitty thumby mitts 3

Pattern: Thumbhole Mittens from Fiber Fiend
Yarn: leftover Schoeller + Stahl Fortissima Socka in black
Needles: Bryspun 2.5US/3.00mm set of 5 DPN
Notes: This pattern is a bit confusing, even though it is a really simple pattern. The cast-on after the thumbhole sounds a lot like the cabled increase from Baudelaire. Instead I picked up one stitch, cast one on, and picked up another. I used the Backward Loop CO, as it's just a quick fix. I did kind of flub the pattern a bit, she has you putting the decreases so that the thumbhole is on the side (isn't that where your thumb is?) but I didn't understand it, so my thumbholes ended up on the front. Nolan doesn't seem to mind, babies tend to keep their fists curled, placing their thumbs towards the front of their hands anyway. There are also no other sizes, just the 6-9 mos size. After I do the pair for Ky I will post what I did here.

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Apr 2, 2007

Tattoo Meme

After reading Flint Knits tattoo post, and the background post from Scout, I have decided to share some more about my own ink.(I know Spirals is going to get some more, she'll have to post about it next!)

My very first tattoo I got on my birthday. It actually had been a design tattoo and originalI was kicking around for awhile. So long in fact, that I was pregnant with Heather when I first designed it, and got it after Kyran was born! I wanted something small and personal. Something that I would never regret. So I got my initials, now, since I believe it to be somewhat bad juju to tattoo anyone else's name on your body (they were my married initials, making one of them not my own name)...I made sure that they represented something else I love. Cats! Tada! Well, that's all the story behind that one. Except maybe for the part where I found out I was pregnant with Nolan like a month later. *sigh* Good place for a tattoo huh?

Anyways, on to the second one. A little more meaning behind this one. March 29th was the three year anniversary of my cousin's death. He was only two years older than my husband is now, and he died in a motorcycle accident. That was a very tough time in phoenix2my life, I was newly married and struggling to be a good mother at 19. The last time I had talked to my cousin we were joking, he was always joking. I used to be very close to these cousins of mine, three brothers (Matthew, Mark, and John for those of you interested), we all used to play together and then drifted apart with time. That happens, and you think you'll always have time to get together later. It just doesn't happen that way. It was hard to see how it affected my mother, she had practically raised him and considered him a baby brother. Not one of his brothers nor any of my other family members has stopped riding, if anything we are all still proud to ride.

This tattoo represents family, and time. You never know when it is up, so use it while you can. Do not put off for tomorrow what you can do today. And all of that. Thinking about losing him still hurts, the tattoo makes me feel closer. The placement was actually significant also. It may be behind me, but he is never far from my thoughts. The tattoo is of a Phoenix, that my cousin designed himself. An interesting coincidence, wouldn't you agree?

(Oh, and I haven't forgotten about the wheel. She's still in progress)

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Apr 1, 2007

Knit Big or Go Home


Payment 3There is a saying about Texas, about how they do everything big. And we all know New Yorkers (well, city New Yorkers) do everything fast. But in Maryland and DC, we do all or nothing. We do it fast, we do it big, and we do it loud. Or we don't do it at all. It's always been hard for me to be one of those people. I have (what I like to call) a "toe-dipper" approach to life. Which means I start out small and build, when I'm comfortable and sure.

Payment 2 Mohair Licoln Detail 2 Silk Candy 2

When it comes to knitting, I have learned to be a "cannonballer". I jump right in. This weekend has definitely made me feel like a real Maryland girl! After feeling like I've been doing nothing the last few weeks, I suddenly do everything all at Payment 1once. It's so exciting. The weekend will have to be broken into two posts for all of the pictures I've got! Not to mention the wheel isn't quite finished. Let's not get ahead of ourselves though. I went to Melissa's to help her out with some HTML on her blog, she had promised me wool in exchange. Seeing as how I'm just learning to spin and her Corriedales have great wool, it sounded good to me. Fixing her problems in the template took about 5 minutes, then we spent the next hour and 55 minutes talking. lol She not only gave me more than a pound (I have no sense of weight, I could be totally off) of Corriedale, she also gave me samples of Lincoln wool, Mohair, and silk!! What an awesome deal! She really is an amazing woman, she also teaches needle-felting. Her needle-felted puppets are really beautiful. Check out this interview. So, on my return I stopped by the LYS to show off my goodies, and to chat of course. And I found out...

New Baby

My baby has arrived!! Oh glorious day! Now all I had to do was wait for my mom's half of the money. Until my dear husband informs me that we can pay the other half Baby Geekand pick it up today! My excitement is bubbling over at this point. We pick her up, and then I remember we're on our way into town (haha) to stop by the mall to get me sandals. Which we never do find. Apparently sandals are no longer in style, unless they have large heels. Thanks, but no. I've got lots of heels. I don't do flip-flops either, that thing between my toes? No again. We bought a lot of other random things. At some point I sat down to feed Nolan, while Justin went into a sports memorabilia store. Apparently, Nolan wasn't feeling well, about 98% of the way into his jar of peas...Nolan just ejected all of it. So there I am, sitting at a table in the mall, baby vomiting endlessly on me, and nobody even tries to help. ShortlivedThere are plenty of people staring, not one of them offers to get my husband or some napkins! I had to send my four year old daughter into a (luckily nearby) store, by herself, to get my husband. Um, thanks.

I showered and then polished my nails. Not something I often do, as I am a former nail biter. Also, my crafts seem to inhibit my ability to keep nicely polished nails, or the opposite happens and I can't craft because my nails are wet. Neither of which is exciting to me. Then I checked my email! Cookie had asked my permission to post the picture of my Thelonious sock on her blog! How fantastic is that?! Oh, it definitely made me feel better.

First Loopy OrderSaturday, I was jonesing to get some time in at the LYS. Mr. Shad needed to take his old motorcycle to a bike swap though. We really needed to sell it. So I waited. While sitting around trying to knit baby booties, a package arrived. Well, what could this be? It's my Loopy Ewe order! I ordered some Louet Gems Pearl in Pewter from The Loopy Ewe, it's my very first order too. Definitely not my last. Sheri included some lovely little extras, and a handwritten note was on the back of my invoice. So wonderful. I love good customer service. Well, Mr. Shad sold his motorcycle, but then had no transportation home. So he called me, and I have to wake and dress children. *sigh* When I finally get there it is three o'clock and the shop closes in two hours. He suggests we go to Home Depot and pick up stain for my beloved wheel. Begrudgingly, I agree. After arriving home again, I start the laborious process of staining her. Not that it's hard, but there are a LOT of little pieces. You'll see what I'm talking about in my next post.

At about midnight I crawled onto the couch next to hubby, my knees aching spinning stashfrom sitting on the floor and my hands all pink from scrubbing stain off of them. So much for that nail polish, huh? We watched some movies and went to sleep. Today I need to give my wheel (whose name I am unsure of for now) a second staining and then finish her off with some Polyurethane stuff. Real technical here at chez Kitty. I reorganized my stash, we bought some plastic tubs to protect the yarn while it's out there in the garage. The sock yarn was granted a license to stay inside in a smallish basket, the first basket I bought to store yarn in. So here's a small stash flash for you.

Sock stash

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