Mar 25, 2008

I Win

My babies are cute, Boston is off to a good start, hubby is due home (still about 3 weeks, but that's better than 3 months), and I have chocolate. That's all.

lil sox fan 002

Mar 18, 2008

Very Merry UnBlog-day!

Salvia 01To me! Okay, so my first blog post is the 18th, but last year's knit/blog-versary post was on the 16th. So...split the difference? Either way. I made brownies for myself to celebrate (two years!), and I'm enjoying one now. They're just out of the box, Pillsbury brownies, nothing too special. Still taste good though. I also made a trip to the LYS, of course. Didn't walk away with too much, actually, I think I should have bought more. Maybe should have gone with something in mind. The only things I could think of that I wanted were a new sock yarn and something to make a Buggerloo for Brandy. That's J.L. Yarns Salvia, isn't it amazing?! I promise there were more subdued colors, but I've been trying to buy things to expand my color palate. Here, check out the Mama Blue Sea Merino I bought in Boudoir. This one is really not something I'd normally buy. With the soft pastels, shades of peach and pink. It's really a bit girly for my taste. Hey, it was called Boudoir and it's so soft that I could care less WHAT color it is. Just squeeze it! Really, I recommend it.

mamablue boudoir

Also, I have a FO to show off...too bad it's not Somewhat Cowl, that would actually make sense wouldn't it? No, I abandoned it for about four days to makemosey 013 Mosey. Which was really the only pattern I was interested in when the latest Knitty came out. I queued a few other patterns, but probably won't actually make them. When I saw Mosey though, I knew I had to have them! So much so, that I ran out to Michael's the very next morning and bought the yarn. Most people seem to be making them in the same color as the originals, but I chose a "dark grey mix". It looks more brown than grey most times though. They went pretty quickly, the worst of it was that nine inches of 2x2 ribbing on each legwarmer. I also still hate making pom poms...they are kind of cute though. Anyways, apologies for the dark-ish pictures. The sun hasn't been cooperating with me lately. You all know how it is. That, and I tend to finish most projects at night. Somewhat Cowl is kind of sitting around, waiting for a left sleeve and the cowl-ish part. After Mosey I had every intention of picking it back up, instead I mosey 016ended up starting on Digitessa again. I think...I might have actually been a bit afraid for awhile. To knit on Digitessa, I mean. Afraid that I might make a mistake or ruin the pattern. This is really one of the most beautiful patterns I've ever seen. Never have I regretted the money spent on it.

Still, for awhile after hearing from Yarnissima about my dilemma, I left poor Digitessa sitting. Waiting. She's not a difficult sock, though she requires a bit more concentration. She is more than lovely, absolutely stunning, always catching my eye when I would pass. Yet, I let her linger, focusing on simple sweaters, accessories, and knits promised to others. Now I have the first sock nearly finished! I am only working from one chart now and really there isn't much use for it anymore. :) I think that concludes my knitversary post, no contest or exciting thing this year. Really, I am too tired for that. There is so much to do before Mr. Shad gets home and I would really rather be knitting.

Digitessa 015

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Mar 11, 2008

The Routine

Sorry guys, didn't mean to disappear...again. I got sick. Really sick. An upper respiratory infection. Luckily, my mom was already here for a visit. She helped me out BIG with my kids.


Sometimes, I write these posts up in my head beforehand. I know exactly what I want to type. The words just flow, and the post is good. Lately things have been crazy, and so have the posts. I can't channel my inner writer, she's on vacation or something. Maybe she had to quit to make room for all of the new things I have to remember. Where did I put that stack of bills? Is it trash day? What time does the gym open? WHEN IS MY HUSBAND COMING HOME?! UGH! I know you are all tired of hearing how much I miss him, I'm tired of saying it. We still have five weeks (give or take, there is no set date yet), and I am so over this whole thing. I hate playing single mom. Having my mother here to help me out was wonderful, and it made me realize just how much I actually do. How often I am just going and going. Even blogging has begun to become just part of "the routine".

I like routine, I'm a very habitual person. However, we all need a break from our routines, actually, that is part of the reason I married Mr. Shad. He's spontaneous, and fun. Folks, I am not a lot of fun. It seems like it, but I would probably not go out and do most of those things if I didn't have friends who invited me out. I would (and do) sit on my couch and knit. Mr. Shad has brought me out of myself over the past few years (as have you all). Not having him around is like putting your shoe on the wrong foot, it feels awkward and you know it's just not right. You take all of the little things of relationships/marriages for granted when it's in constant supply. Things like, you cook, he does dishes, having someone to snore sleep next to in bed, not driving everywhere yourself, having someone to talk to when you wander around a store, showing your knitting accomplishments to him. Even if he doesn't care, he pretends to. Ladies (and gentlemen), do you fully understand what that means? It means that, while he's not interested in the least that your gussets don't have huge gaping holes, he loves you sewing 001enough to look at it. He will listen to you babble and he will smile in all of the appropriate places. When you're done he'll give you a hug or pat on the back...and congratulate you. Which is all you really wanted, you know it. Oh, we do not give them credit where it is due most days. Most of us have men who bravely sit and listen while we complain about how our gauge is off, who have secretly been storing tidbits of information so that they can try to understand and actually participate from time to time. They do it because they love us. That's all. And I really would just like to go back to having mine play video games on the couch while I knit.

I have a whole other speech about how wonderful mothers are too. But I think that will wait for sewing 005another time now. Lately I've been sewing more than knitting, though the body and one sleeve of Somewhat Cowl are finished. No pictures of that, how awkward looking would that be? Anyways, awhile back I bought a vintage pattern, I mean, a real vintage pattern. Not a reproduction. You know me though, I can't just follow the pattern. Gotta make little adjustments, tweak it here and there. So far, I have decided that the dress should be a halter top (it's the red one on the right), then I realized I'd need bust darts to make up for the fact that mine is well, smallish and there was lots of extra fabric, THEN the back needed to be taken in. My latest idea is that the fabric I'm using is too thin, it really should be lined. lol Now I need to plan modifications which will allow me to create a lined bodice the way I'd like. Some day, I might just follow a pattern exactly as it was written.... Oh yeah, the above picture is my fabric, I didn't really know where to put it. It's purple and brown. Admittedly, I should have chosen a lighter shade of brown, maybe a fawn, but I like chocolate brown.

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Mar 4, 2008

Distant Dreams


So, lately, I have been spending most of my time thinking about what I'll do once Mr. Shad is home and all of the crazies are out of the house. This is like...a year away at best. Still, after talking to a fellow Raveller (Raveler? either way) I am reallyCerelia Skein 002 beginning to feel excited and motivated. There is one thing that I have been dying to do, yet I couldn't because of my responsibilities to my family. Now my chance is getting closer and becoming more plausible. Oh, in case you are wondering, my dream is to become a makeup artist.

On to the crafty content! Alright, I finished the Knitter Project/Serpentine Mitts. I also finally finished spinning the Cerelia yarn. It's gorgeous. OMG it's beautiful. To be honest...I've completely lost track of what I meant to post about. I started this post about two days ago or something. Mr. Shad is due home "mid-April", which means any time in or around April. We're creeping up on his birthday, my knitversary, and St. Patty's Day. Which is one of my fav holidays. In light of the impending holiday, here is Cerelia. Tell me you don't want it.

Cerelia 2 ply 02

Next up on the wheel is that stuff I got from Mouse when I visited her. We've been Ponytail 002trying to come up with delightfully twisted titles for it based on the fact that the colors make it look like a My Little Pony mane. I think her best one was "My Little Pony in a Blender". *snicker* It's really rather pretty though. I've never spun from a batt before, so I asked my LYS owner for her recommendations. She said I could A) peel off wool from the side a little at a time or B) split it down the middle and then predraft it. I chose 'B' since I had wanted the colors to be more blended (would have gone to the shop and used the drum carder but really...don't have time). Had I chosen 'A' I could have navajo-plied and ended up with a nice self-striping yarn. Not sure that is what I really wanted though. Too late now. :)

And have a mug shot.

Knitter Project 010

That's it. I think. Oh wait, so, Brandy wanted to change her hair, she decided it brandy hair side2didn't match her eyebrows. Of course, I come up with the brilliant idea that she should do a dark brown with some redlights (which are red highlights duh). We decide to do it Friday after our regular Chik-Fil-A night. While at Wal-Mart debating over the different colors she admired the haircut/style of one of the girls on the front of the box. I'm not completely sure that sentence makes sense. Just go with me. Anyways, I tell her that I don't see why she couldn't pull off that style. So...we're up til 4am doing her hair, and then she goes to the salon to get it cut today. hahaha

...Apparently I keep hitting the "save now" button instead of the one that says "publish post". lol

Here is a quick look at how Somewhat Cowl is doing:

Somewhat Cowl 013

I'm totally wearing a push-up bra in those pictures. I wish my bosoms looked karastix wpi 001that good. lol Also, got a really kickass wpi tool. It's from Karatstix. She is really amazing, she made it using a couple of pictures that I gave her of my tattoos AND it was only $8 (WITH s&h!!). So, if you are a spinner, go. Now. If you're not, she also sells needle and hook gauges. Trust me, it's worth a look. I even got a little keychain square out of the deal. (It's the small thing in the picture.)

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