Sep 26, 2006

Stretch Your Fingers

I've been knitting like crazy on my contract knitting project. And it's making me crazy in turn. Whenever I have a break (which is barely, I spend about 7 hours a day on it) I'm working on my first Baudelaire sock. It's gorgeous, and I've been pointing people in Mama E's direction. :) They all love the yarn I'm using. I keep waiting for Linda to kick me out of the shop. I just can't afford to buy yarn there anymore really. Bought some yucky yarns to make Uggs booties for Danielle's baby at Wal-mart. I really wanted to buy the ones recommended for the project, but that's at least $20, the yarn I bought today was half that.

Today I was printing out a million patterns. Okay, maybe it's only like 10. lol Still, it's better than having to pay 20 cents a page at the library. Ah, the joys of being with my parents. They have everything and are more than willing to share. I found an awesome pattern for these lovemeknot socks while searching through Google for shadow knitting instructions. I'll do these when I have some free time maybe. Although...I really want to do kitties instead of hearts. Not like it would be that hard. If I do it, I'll chart it and share, promise.

SPgiftsI can't believe I totally forgot to mention my final SP package! Some days my mind totally drifts. It was awesome, she made an adorable sweater for Nolan. There will be pictures I promise. Though I meant to ask what kind of yarn it was made with and the washing instructions. Babies can be messy. Also, a copy of Knitting Rules, which I didn't think I would be interested in. I absolutely LOVED it!! There were so many things in there that basically voiced my opinions of knitting. Knitting is my safety. I love it SO much. If it weren't for knitting there is no way I'd make it through the next few weeks while Justin is gone. It distracts me and reminds me that there is more to life than me.

More people should knit, I've accepted now that this just might not happen. lol I continue to try, but if someone doesn't want to knit then that is there problem. Me, I could never stop now. Just wish that there were more people my age (in my area) that did it. Sometimes I feel so...old. I mean, three kids, a house, a hubby, and knitting? All at 21?? Doesn't it seem like I'm getting ahead of myself a little bit?

Well, after that depressing comment I think I need a boost. My LYS owner says she thinks that I'm a better knitter than the woman who is designing the patterns that I'm knitting. Which is awesome because I've only been seriously knitting since about March/April. WOOT! Go me.

Sep 24, 2006

Party tonight!

Okay, it was actually last night. And I have been getting NO knitting done. Thought I could get a good bit finished in the car but it was dark most of the time and trying to made my head hurt. So I just gave up.

Anyways, I'm at my parents' house for a week. Which should be okay except that when I go home the house will be empty. Justin is going to be in El Centro until October 19th. Although it sucks, it's better than him being deployed. Right now I'm trying really hard to get my Christmas presents started. Hopefully I'll get my mom's shirt done.

LemonLime BreezeI dyed another thing of sock yarn but I wasn't really that happy with this one. It looks alright I guess. It'll probably end up being a toe-up pair of knee-highs, something to have fun with and to tote around whenever. And I forgot to bring my camera so...still no pictures. *sigh*

Last week was a bad week for knitting I found a mistake in the contract project I'm doing that was like 11 rows back!! That was terrible. Then later the same night I realized I messed up a bunch of rows on my Baudelaire socks. Oh...and I have decided that I hate cabling socks. lol

Sep 4, 2006

Now it's Time...

To let ya know what I'm up to. I've finished Jamie's pedicure socks. They look really cute, or I think so. She should like them, I plan on buying her a pedicure set to go with it. Ummm, I wanna make some Converse Booties to sell at Farmer's Day. Which would be awesome. The Harry Potter scarf is still not done, I had some trouble with it thoug. After I came home from the Tail Spinner one day my Bryspun needles broke!! They were some of my favorites, but most used and it totally made sense. Sadness. But I found another set and finished the ball I had. Unfortunately it's not long enough! To make matters worse, Linda doesn't have any more. *sniffle sob* So let's hope I can find some more soon.

Both Hedera socks are finished. I've been staring at my hank of Mama-E's Beauregarde forEVER! Now I've finally cast on the Baudelaire socks, and had the worst time of it by the way. Don't know why though. I wanted to do them on DPNs but couldn't find a way to divide them evenly enough for my strange slightly OCD self. I started them like 4 or 5 different times and then ripped it out. Anyways, I have the toe kinda started, but there are other things I need to get done.

Recently Linda hooked me up with Posey. I'm going to start contract knitting for her! Which will also bring in some more money. It'll suck because I can't take those things to the shop, or blog about them. But I'll get over it. I mean, if I could avoid blogging about MP, then I can do that. Actually, I still need to finish that too. *sigh* So much to do!!!!

Pictures to come, I promise.

Sep 1, 2006

Stupid Library Computer

I wanted to post this like two weeks ago or something and the library computer was being so dumb!! So, here's an overdue post (originally typed Tue, Aug 22):

Okay, I know I have been neglecting my blog, I promise it's not on purpose!
On the plus side, not having a computer allows for max knitting time! Hurrah!
Alright, I have had two packages from my SP and I can describe them but no pics yet as I'm at the library. First package had some DELICIOUS purple yarn to make a bikini top. This stuff was so awesome I wanted to cuddle with it. lol Also included, a pattern from Knitty, some Koolaid (for dyeing I assume), and a lovely card. I feel like I'm forgetting something. *sigh* Second package was candy. Yes, just candy. But it made me sooooo happy!! I was needing a candy fix. The selection was awesome too, some things I hadn't seen in soooo long! Like rock candy, and a sugar daddy. How great is that? Can't wait til I can post the pics.
Now...let's see. OH! Nolan's first website is up! It's really just his picture and birth facts. Still fun.
I've gotten plenty of projects finished and will have to post numerous pictures when my computer is restored! Thanks for sticking by me guys. ;)

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