Aug 18, 2008

Here There Be Knitting

Yes, I actually have been knitting. A little. For some reason I am just not feeling half clapotis 005any of my current WIPs. I'm in this blah sort of phase. So, although I haven't officially "hibernated" any of them, my WIPs are more or less just sitting around. According to Ravelry, I have 3 WIPs (Digitessa, Somewhat Cowl, and the crocheted halter) and 4 hibernating (Skating Sweater, Charade socks, those Harley Quinn socks, and the grey raglan). You probably don't remember some of those. Seriously, it's a little depressing. I think that I'm getting SSS now. Digitessa is a beautiful pattern, but I don't have the time or energy. Somewhat Cowl...well, after the last incident I admit to being a bit afraid and daunted. Also, I'm just not good at crocheting. halfotis 002There, I said it. Crocheting makes NO sense to me and even though I love some of the patterns. I can't figure them out. After a bit of an unintentional hiatus, I decided I needed the feel of yarn between my fingers. So, I started a scarf sized Clapotis. It's not really a pattern, just kind of guidelines that use the Clapotis pattern as a jumping point.

First, let me tell you I never really wanted to knit the Clapotis. Just wasn't all that fond of how it looks. That, and soooo many people seemed to have trouble with it. Mouse knit the scarf sized pattern out of some of her handspun and I decided I really kind of liked the way it looked as a scarf. However, I don't wear scarves that often. Still, she talked me into buying some gorgeous Araucania for it pretty easily. Who really needs to be convinced to buy halfotis 001yarn though? With that encouragement the yarn sat in my "to be used soon" box in the closet...until recently. When I finally decided to cast on for it. I finished it rather quickly, though I took a few days to get around to blocking it. Saturday Mr. Shad had duty so I used that opportunity to stretch it out on the bed. With 20 repeats (instead of the recommended 8) of Section 3, it's a great long scarf. Easily 5ft long, possibly even 6. I haven't measured it. Though it reached from the head of the bed to the foot. All in all, it's beautiful and I can't wait for winter to wear it! I pranced all over the house with my fully blocked Half-otis wrapped around my neck, forcing Mr. Shad to ogle and pet it. He actually said it was really soft...but I think he's hallucinatory. It's about as soft as Cascade 220. Which is to say that it's no Malabrigo, you know?

half clapotis 004

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Aug 12, 2008

Garden of Eden

I've been promising this pattern for awhile. Only two of the sizes have been tested (sorry), so let me know how the large size works for those of you who make it. Also, if you make, or model these pasties and don't mind me posting a picture, please email me!

Garden of Eden
by Shadkitty

pasties leaves

Silky leaf shaped pasties in three sizes.

S [M, L] (shown in size S)

Width: 2 [2.5, 3] inches


Cascade Pima Silk [Cotton, Silk ; 109yd/100m per 50g skein]; color: 5144; 1 [1, 1] skein

1 set(s) US size 4/3.5mm straight needles

notions required
Tapestry needle
Stitch markers
Lining fabric in matching color (optional)

24 sts/32 rows = 4" in stockinette stitch

Use long tail cast on.
PM – place marker (slip all markers as you come to them)
SM – slip marker
SL – slip purlwise


Make 2

CO 3[5, 5] sts. Place stitch markers on either side of middle stitch.
Row 1 and all odd numbered rows (ws): Purl
Row 2 (rs): K to first marker, YO, SM, K1, SM, YO, K to end.
Rep for a total of 3 times (3 rows with eyelets). (9, 11, 11 sts)

Row 8: K to first marker, M1, SM, K1, SM, M1, K to end (11, 13 sts)

Row 8: K1, M1, K3, M1, K1, M1, K3, M1, K1 (15 sts)


Repeat Row 8 2[3, 4] times more for a total of 15[19, 23] sts

From this point, on all right side rows slip stitch between markers. Purl as usual on wrong side rows.

Next row: K to marker, SM, SL1, SM, K to end
Next row: *SSK, K to marker, SM, SL1, SM, K to the last two stitches, K2tog *
Rep from * to * until 3 sts remain. Remove all markers.
Slip 2 together as if to knit, K1, pass both slipped stitches over knitted stitch. Pull yarn through.


Weave in all ends and block to size. Sew on lining if desired, or let your nips play peek-a-boo! Embellish if desired.

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Down and Out

DSC00318Sorry to be AWOL, things are completely crazy. Not even just a little bit. I missed my update for Nolan's birthday. He's 2 now! Can you believe it? I can't. The party was insanely large for such a little guy. Got to see a band that I've been trying to see for like two years now (RA). Oh, we have a house guest too. I'm trying to find a job. Ugh...let's not go over the list, huh?

Apparently, my anxiety level is a bit tweaked lately.

Anyways, my Nermal socks are definitely finished now. You remember those right? Started them AGES ago. Finally ran out of yarn. TA DA!

Nermal half fin 005

It's been such a long time. I'm sorry this isn't a better update. With more words and pictures. I definitely have enough of them to fill pages and pages of this electronic diary. Just not so sure that it's really appropriate, or that important honestly. Check my flickr out for more pictures to see what I've been up to. Or, you know, hit me up on Rav or by email. Seriously, I try to get back to everyone as soon as my schedule allows. Most of you already know what I'm up to, DSC05962what's going on. Oh, Mouse, you're the one I wanna talk to right now, I'll have to email you or something. Just so you know, I started the halfotis. This is more of a personal/technical thing I think that you'll be able to help with.

Random picture!

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