Dec 26, 2007

The Aftermath

O HouseChristmas was lovely. But that is not all that has transpired. No sir, no. I have a new WIP, as well as a FO. My fourth anniversary has passed by, and there was a night out with some friends. Lots and lots of presents as well. :)

Where shall I start? How about we start with that night out. Thursday, Tyler's girlfriend came back from Iraq (yes, I know, all the goods ones are taken and suchwhat). To celebrate we went out to the bar. Someone was kind enough to watch my children for me on a school night. :P It was funny to get out on a weeknight. The celebration was really rather small, four people including myself. Still, it was a blast. The next morning I took the boys out to Cracker Barrel for some breakfast. I was very tired, so we went back to the house and napped after that. lol

Saturday, my parents arrived. Saturday was also my fourth anniversary. It's hard to Usbelieve, some days, that it has been so long. We've worked through so many troubles, and I find myself loving him more every day. The deployment had me really afraid, doubting our relationship even...those just proved to be unfounded fears. Things are actually a bit better between us now, which is wonderful. I do not regret saying "I do", or any of the decisions we have made. For each has led us to where we are now. This is a nice place, though, of course, I'd rather have him here with me right now. Alright, enough of that, I'll have you all crying again. My parents and I went out to Target to finish up our Christmas shopping. It was amazing that the place wasn't packed. Everyone was probably at Wal-Mart. We got dinner and shopped in about two hours. That's a record I believe.

Christmas Carnage

Sunday, my mother-in-law, and her mother (grandma-in-law?) got in. Also, my dad was running around the house fixing things left and right. It's his way. He really isn't able to sit still. I believe we made cookies. Or something to that effect. On Christmas Eve day, my mother and I went to see Sweeney Todd!! It was fantastic! Visually stunning! Johnny was amazing, as always, he even had a rather good singing voice. Oh, it's also excessively gory, just so you know. After the crazies were tucked into their beds, we set to wrapping gifts. Santa brought quite a haul! Christmas morning was a blast, I got a fantabulous dress that my dear Mr. Shad picked out himself. It's perfect!! There will be pictures of that soon, you bet. Oh, and there was a teary moment when my MIL opened her present from my hubby. He had gone out of his way to reserve/buy a black and tan Cocker Spaniel puppy for her, from a very nice breeder in VA (who, btw, is a quilter). Her reaction was priceless.

Gifts from Lesley 001Now, onto the knitting! I know that is what you've been waiting for. First, thank you to Ms Lesley D for the knitastic birthday/Christmas gifts!! They are awesome! Some lovely handknit mitts, and a cute t-shirt. It says "Will Knit for Tattoos", ain't that the truth?! As for my own knitting, I have a FO to share. It took me all of maybe two days. Gee, I forgot how instantly gratifying a bulky weight hat on large needles can be! It's a worsted weight, double stranded and knit on size 13 needles. The hat is a gift for a Firefly fan/friend of mine, Joel. Yes, he's been mentioned on here before. I told him we demand a picture of him wearing the hat after he receives it. For now, you'll have to deal with me. The WIP is my favorite. It's been MONTHS since the Amazonas disaster mishap. And I still intend to restart and knit those socks. I am wary now, though. There are other things to knit, right? Well, here we have it folks! More Wollmeise (Gewitterhimmel, a lovely semi-solid blue), and a lovely toe-up sock from Yarnissima. La Digitessa is racing along. I started her on/about Friday night, and I am past the heel and zooming up the leg. This one gave me a bit of trouble in the beginning, soooo many charts (at least 6 different ones)!! She is worth it though, I've hardly been able to put her down. Ever since seeing this sock on Flickr, I knew I had to have it. Bellissima!!

Digitessa Mosiac

Here, random video of Nolan enjoying his Christmas gifts.

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Dec 17, 2007

I Must Have Missed Thanksgiving

Miss RoseI really don't know why I'm posting right now. Everything is a little fuzzy. There are hundreds of things I should be doing. The Lady is sitting in my living room, I'm working on that Cerelia from Spincerely still. Gotta pay bills. Fold laundry. Bake cookies. Finish a gift. *sigh* I haven't read blogs in ages (sorry guys!).Obviously, I posted that hat pattern. Glad that went over so well, I hope to see a few people knitting it on Ravelry. :)

Anyways, that's not what this post is about. Since my husband left, I haven't really had time to miss him. Right up until December. December is my favorite month. Yes, it's my birth month, but it's more than that. I love the Christmas season. There are fudge, cookies, lights, Christmas music and's a loving and warm time of the year. My husband and I met in November of 2003, we married three days before Christmas. Of that same year. Yep. I know. There were times we thought we wouldn't make it, and I wasn't really sure I'd miss him that much when he was gone. Sure, I'd hate being alone. But miss him so badly? Nah. Saturday will be our fourth Loopy Groupie 001anniversary, and I miss him more than ever right now. The littlest things will make me tear up. Over the weekend I got my order from The Loopy Ewe and discovered I'd made it! I was a Loopy Groupie!! Now, I'm not sure if I mentioned this, but Sheri is doing a thing supporting Random Acts of Kindness this month. Go check out her blog if you haven't heard of it yet. Anyways, a few weeks ago Sheri emailed me to let me know that someone had donated a $25 Loopy credit as a RAK, and asked Sheri to find someone. Sheri had chosen me! That made me cry, I come from a small place, and live in a town where everyone is pretty much the same (all Marines and Marine wives). For most people here, your husband being deployed doesn't make you special at all. Civilians don't usually grasp the concept, and until you experience's difficult to relate. He's far away from us, we can't call him, I can't ask him to come home, and war is scary.

Loopy Groupie 004

Right now, we are financially sound. We don't have a lot of money, but we have enough Loopy Groupie 005to pay our bills. However, I don't have that many friends in my area. People here are difficult to rely on. And, of course, I try to choose my friends carefully. Mostly, I am depending on the kindness of knitters to help get me through all of this. Even though they cannot be here with me, just having someone to talk to helps. Thank you to all of you who are there for me during this difficult time. Even when I disappear for a bit, I'm still knitting, and still thinking about all of you. *hugs* Where would I be without knitters?

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Dec 16, 2007


Kyran's hat 007This simple cabbie (or newsboy) style hat was created on a whim for my middle son, who I decided needed a hat just like this. However, I couldn't find a pattern that I liked. Then, my daughter wanted one. Now I want one too. They are too cute, and too quick. Short-rows help create a nice round, clean shape to the brim, while the hat is a simple slouchy style hat. Modeled after the latest trends and my favorite hats.

Buggerloo just happens to be one of a ton of variant nicknames I have for my son. This hat fits him only if I could get him to wear it!

Small (toddler), Large (child, small adult)

18" (20")

(Small hat) Lion Brand Vanna's Choice (100% acrylic; 170yds/155m per 100g skein]; color 174: Olive; 1 skein
(Large hat) Ella Rae Amity (75% acrylic, 25% wool; 200yds/183m per 100g skein]; color 45; 1 skein

16" length-inch US 7/4.5mm circular needle
16" length-inch US 9/5.5mm circular needle
1 set US 9/5.5mm double-point needles

crafting plastic
tapestry needle
stitch markers/waste yarn

18 sts/24 rows = 4" in stockinette stitch (on larger needles)

w&t: wrap and turn, bring yarn to front of work between needles, slip next st to right-hand needle, bring yarn around this st to back of work, slip st back to left-hand needle, turn work to begin working back in the other direction.

For the brim, I purchased uncut craft painting stencil sheets. These can be found at Wal-Mart and chain craft stores.
If you would like a looser hat, knit longer before beginning decreases.

Kyran's hat 009Hat
Using smaller needles, CO 72 (90) sts. Join in round, being careful not to twist, place marker to indicate beginning of round. Work 1x1 rib for 1 inch.

Switch to larger needles, *k2 (3), M1*; rep from * to * til end of round. [108, 120 sts]
Work in St st until piece measures 4 (5) inches from cast-on edge.

Next Rnd: *k18 (20), place marker*, rep from * to * 5 more times
Dec Rnd 1: *k2tog, knit to 2 sts before marker, ssk, slip marker*, rep from * to * 5 more times
Dec Rnd 2: knit around

Repeat dec rnds 1 and 2 until 24 sts remain (switching to DPNs when necessary), then work rnd 1 once more [12 sts]. K2tog around [6 sts], break yarn and thread through sts. Pull tight.

Locate join on cast-on edge, using larger needles pick up 12 (15) sts on each side of the join. [24, 30 sts total]

Small Only
Row 1 (WS): Purl across
Row 2 (RS): K 22, w&t
Row 3: P 20, w&t
Row 4: K 19, w&t
Row 5: P 18, w&t
Row 6: K 17, w&t
Row 7: P 16, w&t
Row 8: K 15, w&t
Row 9: P 14, w&t
Row 12: K 13, w&t
Row 11: P 12, w&t

Large OnlyPink Cabbie Hat 009
Row 1 (WS): Purl across
Row 2 (RS): K 28, w&t
Row 3: P 26, w&t
Row 4: K 25, w&t
Row 5: P 24, w&t
Row 6: K 23, w&t
Row 7: P 22, w&t
Row 8: K 21, w&t
Row 9: P 20, w&t
Row 10: K19, w&t
Row 11: P18, w&t
Row 12: K17, w&t
Row 13: P16, w&t
Row 14: K15, w&t
Row 15: P14, w&t
Row 16: K13, w&t
Row 17: P12, w&t

Both Sizes
Next Row: Knit across, picking up next 4 (7) wraps and knitting them together with Pink Cabbie Hat 010wrapped stitches as you go. For last wrapped stitch, pick up wrapped stitch, then slip wrap, wrapped stitch, and last stitch - knit through back loops.
Next Row: Purl across, purling next 4 (7) wraps with their wrapped stitches when you come to them. For last wrapped stitch, pick up wrapped stitch and p3tog (wrap, wrapped stitch, and last stitch)

Cut plastic to fit into brim (keep in mind that the stitches have a bit of stretch). Weave ends (from cast on and brim join) into brim. Place plastic and graft live stitches to cast-on edge, making sure to keep plastic in place. Weave in remaining ends.

Oh Snap!! Now you have a super rockin hat, go pimp it and see how many people ask you where you bought it!

Buggerloo 01

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Dec 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Post

cleaning up 005First, thank you to everyone for your birthday wishes, and all of the wonderful things that have been happening lately. It really feels as if, for once, things are looking up. From here on out this is a totally self-indulgent post. But don't worry! There is knitting content!

I spent most of the weekend cleaning. Friday, Emily came over and helped me to clean. In between bouts of cleaning, we watched Pirates of the Caribbean 3!! You know how I love my Johnny. Anybody else really looking forward to Sweeney Todd? Just gotta find someone willing to sit on the kids on Christmas! lol Saturday, more cleaning. Then Brandy came over with a cake, a balloon, and some cards. She videotaped it for my hubby. Let's hope that he's the only one to see it, my hair was insane! We hung out for awhile, more cleaning, then after Kyle and Emily got there we went out to eat. Nowhere spectacular, still haven't been to the new Olive Garden. Sunday, my mom came up to see me. She took me out to get my hair cut and then she took the kiddos to the mall while I went to Bombs Away. Yeah, I have another tattoo. This one is much smaller than the penguin. Okay wait, let me tell this story really quick.

I go in to the shop, it's about 3pm. They close at six, and I feel kinda bad about Year of the Rat 02coming in so late but it's a small tattoo. So, I bring in the picture, chat with my guy, and take a seat. He's got two tattoos to do before mine, and he's already started the first one. Out comes the knitting, and I get comfy. Waiting...waiting. The movie that was on when I first came in is over, not a big deal, it wasn't far from the end anyways. It's about 4:30...Nik (my artist) takes a smoke break and tells me he'll be awhile yet. *sigh* At around 5ish, he comes to me, still hasn't finished up with this other girl. Do I mind if his buddy Josh does the tattoo?? Um...well, in the interest of getting everyone out of this shop by six, and since it is such a small tattoo...why not? Okay, Josh comes over, we talk about the design, he pumps out a sketch for me, and then (are you with me?) tells me he has to wait for the piercer to get out of his station!!! *rolls eyes* Fine. How can a couple of piercings take longer than a couple tattoos? Yes? No. Nik actually gets finished before Josh is ready for me. However, since he already sketched my design and stuff, I am still waiting on Josh. It's all good though. Nik came and talked to me while I got the tattoo done. Really, it's a lot about the compatibility too, not just the skill. Both are important, I like to talk. In case you hadn't noticed. Process-wise, the tattoo was not at all gratifying. It was too small for that. However, it's super cute, and exactly what I wanted.

Whew. Okay. I got home at about 7, and called Ty to let him know that he could come over whenever. As I sat down with my gross McDonald's chicken strips that I really did NOT want to put in my mouth...I realized I should have asked him to make me dinner. So, I call him back and ask if he's up for that. :D He was broke, so we Kyran's hat 009decided dinner could be his present to me. Which is cool with me, I love food. We all dance around the kitchen and hang out. Ty finally gets to meet my mom. After that, we went to the bar. When I got done wasting money on drinks, we went to meet some friends of his. Good times.

I'm done. Now the knitting stuff. Somewhere in between all of that, I was working on a hat for Kyran. Just grabbed some green acrylic from Michael's, and started a basic-ish slouchy hat. Only, I planned to put a brim on it. Kinda like the newsboy hat in the SnB book, except, I don't have the book. lol I mean, it can't be that hard, right? Too bad I didn't write any of it down.... Whatever, he's super cute. Okay, so, update. I wrote down what I remembered doing. It might not be exactly the same. But almost. If you would like to see it, let me know.

Kyran's hat 007

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Dec 7, 2007


Geez, I keep disappearing. Blame Ravelry and my ridiculous life. A lot of drama went down last weekend. Nothing I really want to go over again. So, I'll be showing you a bazillion pictures in hopes of distracting you. Oh, and for my fellow NC knitters (especially those in the Wilmington area) my friend Tyler is totally hot, he cooks, wears handknits, he's funny, likes kids, and is single. :D hahahahaha He told me I could sell advertise talk about him on my blog.

drama 004 drama 009 drama 003 drama 008 goofy kids 2

Between the drama and the migraines, I have been knitting a little. I started knitters project 007the Serpentine Mitts for myself, and a hat for Kyran. The mitts are also my project for the Knitter Project that Elizabeth is doing. Sign-ups are closed, but you should really check it out. It's pretty awesome. I seriously think it's one of the coolest things I've ever heard of. Besides, she knows about the FBU. She's gotta be cool.

In other news, my birthday is Sunday. You know, in case you hadn't seen the countdown thinger. Yeah, I love those things. I'm ridiculous. lol Going out with friends tomorrow evening. Sunday, my mom will be getting here, we'll go shopping. Then Tyler will take me out to do something wild and crazy. Should be a good weekend. Or, I hope so. I really need the break right now.

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